Think celebrities are above the law? Luhan’s case demonstrates a clear answer – no.

The former EXO member who has gone solo has been banned from entering Taiwan for two years. The 26-year-old Chinese had gone to Taipei on a tourist visa – only, he was not on a holiday, but shooting a programme for Zhejiang TV, Back To School, a remake of a popular Korean variety show.

Fans came out in full force at the hotel he was staying at, and the shoot was also reported in the local media, which inadvertently shone the spotlight on him working illegally. He was reported to Taiwan immigration agency for the offence.

The Beijing-born singer was the only one who was working on a tourist visa – the rest of the crew held work visa. Luhan would be appearing alongside S.H.E.’s Ella for the show, and filming was expected to last for six days. However, filming has been cancelled after the controversy broke out. Another round of filming is expected to take place in Hefei, China, reports say.

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According to Taiwan’s law, he could be prohibited from entering the country for up to five years if found guilty. Luhan was given a similar sentence – a two-year ban for work visa and a five-year one for tourist visa. This means, he can’t visit Taiwan as a tourist for the next five years.

Zhejiang TV, who is in charge of applying visas for artists and crew, took responsibility for the matter. They said in a statement, “Because of the error of the show’s crew, artists who have no responsibility have been affected. We are sorry.”

Image: TPG/Click Photos