Yesterday afternoon, a Thai woman came out to say that she’s been raped by Vic Chou, Taiwanese singer-actor who rose to fame back in 2001 as a member of boyband F4 and the popular television series Meteor Garden.

The woman, who only gave her name as “Pear”, held the press conference to divulge the details of their alleged relationship. Here’s what she said during the session:

  1. They met in 2009
    They managed to keep the relationship under wraps pretty well, and according to Pear, their meetings were always in a “private room”. 
  2. The first alleged rape happened a year after they met
    “He made excuses when I came over,” Pear said. “He told me to sit on the bed. He told me to lie down but I wouldn’t, so he started slow.” 
  3. But it became a consensual relationship
    “At first, you could say it was rape, but after two times, it was OK. Then I started to feel good about him. He was caring and nice. We didn’t use protection.”
  4. She got pregnant and miscarried two months later
    Pear said that she only told Vic about it in December, when news of his marriage to model-actress Reen Yu broke. She claims that he ignored her attempts to contact him. 


See the video below of her media conference. 


Image: Ng Sor Luan

Text: Sophie Hong