Korean news reports have it that G-Dragon, the leader of Korean boy band Big Bang, was evicted from Republic of Korea Armed Forces Yangju Hospital, where he was rehabilitating following an ankle surgery.

He was reportedly discharged from the hospital and had to return to his army base in Cheorwon, but it was apparently done without consent from neither the 29-year-old nor his family members.

When enquired, the hospital told the Korean media outlets to seek information from the Ministry of National Defense.

His agency, YG Entertainment, later released a statement to say that G-Dragon’s family has confirmed that he was indeed discharged and would return to his army base, but did not comment on the news reports.

G-Dragon underwent a surgery to treat an ankle injury about two months ago and would have required two months of rehabilitation and treatment.

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When he was first admitted to the hospital in May, Korean media outlet Dispatch ran a story, claiming that the singer received preferential treatment and was given a private room that is usually reserved for high-ranking officials.

gdragon-hospital forced discharged

A spokesperson from YG Entertainment has refuted the claims, clarifying that the room was available for any army official under special circumstances. The room had been assigned to G-Dragon because of his celebrity status, which could cause chaos if he were to be warded in a multi-bed room with other soldiers.

A few days ago, he was involved in another controversy but this time round, he was the victim. Another soldier who was admitted at the same hospital had taken photos of the Big Bang member secretly, and even wrote an observation diary, including personal details like his underwear size and tattoo placements. He had done so for his girlfriend, who is a fan.

Many were outraged by this invasion of privacy. The soldier’s girlfriend had originally uploaded the image and the soldier’s letter on Instagram, but deleted it after public outrage.

Images: TPG/Click Photos