Yesterday, K-pop boy band BTS broke Justin Bieber’s winning streak to take home the award for Top Social Artist – one that Justin has been bagging for the past six years. Their win also marked the first time ever that a Korean act clinched an award at the Billboard Music Awards.

Before the show started, the septet walked on the magenta carpet alongside other artists and even did door-stop interviews. Leader Rap Monster, who is fluent in English – he self-taught himself by watching all 10 seasons of Friends multiple times for three years – not only answered all the questions, but also acted as a translator for his bandmates. At one point, the interviewer asked, “[What was the] first thing that you wanted to be when you grew up?”

RapMon proceeded to translate the question to his fellow members, only to receive responses that he didn’t approve of. Scroll down for more.

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First he had to translate the question…

…and listen to his fellow member answer in a joking way…

…and translate the joke to the interviewer…

…but at the same time show that he didn’t approve of it.

He tried his luck with another member…

Only to have a similar answer.

*Internal thought: Why is my life like this?*

In the end, he had to use his leadership position to demand for another answer.

And hoped they got the hint.

Jimin saved the day!


And then he hoped someone else would step up to the game.

But no one wanted to take that responsibility.

And he gave up.

You’ve worked hard, RapMon.