If you haven’t been keeping up with South Korean politics, we’ll have you know that the current political situation there is a mess – a greater mess than it was after the Sewol incident.

As many as 1 million people reportedly participated in a demonstration over the weekend to pressure the president, Park Geunhye, to step down, after she admitted to giving her best friend, Choi Soonsil, access to confidential information concerning the governments, among other allegations.

The younger protestors have taken to using K-pop songs to voice their discontent. Some donned masks and mimicked a string puppet while singing Twice’s “Cheer Up”, while others sang Big Bang’s “Bang Bang Bang” while marching down the streets.

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But one song has topped the charts, not only as an anthem for the demonstrations, but possibly because of the apt title: Girls’ Generation’s “Into the New World”, the girl group’s debut track in 2007, topped Melon’s charts yesterday.

It’s not the first time the song was used in protests. A few months ago, students at Ehwa Womans University played the song at demonstrations against the university’s decision to create a new college.

President Park will reportedly undergo questioning by prosecutors this week.

Image: TPG/Click Photos