The airport may be a place for passengers to embark or disembark to another country, but for some fans, it’s also an opportune location to spot their favourite stars.

While fans buying flight tickets and flying with their K-pop idols are nothing new – two students even got arrested for misusing their boarding pass to see Korean rapper Simon Dominic earlier this year – some fans in Jakarta, Indonesia took it too far when they caused their idol to break down in the middle of the airport.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon had arrived in Jakarta’s Soekarno–Hatta International Airport last night for Countdown Asian Games 2018, and was swamped by a large group of fans. Fans not only took photos and videos, but also inadvertently started pushing the idol in a bid to get closer to her. It’s not clear whether the fans were in the public area, or restricted area.

At one point of time, Taeyeon fell and was lifted up by the bodyguard from behind.

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In an Instagram post uploaded last night, Taeyeon said, “I couldn’t stop shaking and crying when I fell. Perhaps the local bodyguards thought I was in danger, so I was surprised when he lifted me up from behind. I was nervous because people kept touching my body from behind and the sides.”

She added, “… It might not have been intentional but my body, butt and breasts were touched, hit and grabbed. That feeling made me flustered and I couldn’t get a hold of myself.”

She ended the post by apologising to her fans for not showing a better image during her arrival, and said that she hopes no one is hurt.

Fellow Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon had arrived in Jakarta the night before.

Image: TPG/Click Photos