Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany has been attracting a lot of negative comments because of her photo caption on Instagram.

Last night, the girl group member posted a photo on the social media platform of the members doing a group cheer before going on stage for their concert in Japan, and captioned it as such:


Fans are guessing that each emoji was supposed to correspond to each member based on their position in the photo, and some people are calling out to Tiffany for using dark-skinned emojis to represent a few members, particularly Yuri.

Yuri has always been known for having a darker-coloured skin tone compared to the rest of the members, and they have always light-heartedly teased her about it. A few years ago, she would introduce herself as ‘Black Pearl’ – black alluded to her darker skin colour (compared to the members), while pearl signifies her beauty.

Some fans have called her caption “offensive”, but others argued that it was just friendly teasing among the members, who are as close as sisters. A group of fans also argued that the caption could have symbolised SONEs (fans of Girls’ Generation), which comprises various races.

Tiffany is not the first K-pop star to be embroiled in such accusations. A few EXO fans have called out to the other members for always making fun of Kai’s skin colour (he’s darker than the rest of the members), while BEAST’s Kikwang received backlash after using “blackface” makeup on a Korean variety show, where he played the comedic role of an African American.

Image: Tiffany’s Instagram