Last year was an awakening for Hollywood. After years of silence, one by one, sexual assault and harassment victims stepped up to call out the perpetrators – or sexual predators. Among the accused were producer Harvey Weinstein and US Senator Al Franken. One by one, women started speaking up against their predators, in a hashtag made popular by actress Alyssa Milano, #metoo. Today, they have banded together for a Time’s Up campaign at the Golden Globes. Time’s Up is an initiative that started following an open letter by female farm workers, who asked Hollywood stars to speak on behalf of the working class woman who are more likely to face sexual assault but less likely to be taken seriously. The campaign includes a legal fund to raise money for less privileged women who want to take legal actions against their predators but lack the resources to do so.

On the red carpet today, stars stood in solidarity with these women, wearing black to make a statement, and pins emblazoned with the slogan. Scroll through the gallery to see some celebs who came dressed in black, and others who had the powerful messages for everyone during their media interviews.

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