You might think that celebrities love hamming it up for the camera – after all, that’s how they make a living. However, you’ll be surprised to know that some celebrities dislike or are scared of the camera. It’s not a matter of being afraid to pose for the camera, but being afraid of being photographed, especially during their private time. This is why a number of celebs are sensitive to the sound of camera shutter and would lose their temper at paparazzi who intrude into their personal lives.

Korean actor Gong Yoo is no exception. In a video released by CNN International, the Goblin actor talked extensively about the trade-offs he’s had to have for fame. While musing about the everyday things that he missed, he told the interview, “I can’t tanning because people take photos of me.” When asked if the constant attention drove him crazy, he concurred, “Yes, sometimes,” before adding, “It’s the camera. I hate it.”

During the interview, he also listed down some of the things he missed about his pre-fame life.

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Basically things that we do every day. Nawww, poor oppa. So the next time you complain about getting stuck in the crowd of people at Orchard Road, think of what Gong Yoo would give to be in your position – and not have a camera shoved to his face.

Watch the interview snippet below. Stay tuned to CNN for the full interview.

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Image: TPG/Click Photos