What does it take to stump a K-pop boy band? Not much – just ask them about the stigma of idols having no talents. That question was posed to GOT7 during the media conference for K-Live Sentosa, and it visibly stumped the members, but JB smoothly got them out of the sticky situation with his quick wit.

The K-pop band was in town for the official launch of K Live Sentosa, a hologram theatre that showcases shows from the septet as well as other JYP Entertainment acts such as Wonder Girls and 2PM. Despite missing a member, Jackson Wang, who couldn’t attend due to health reasons, JB, BamBam, Mark, Junior, Youngjae and Yugyeom were all smiles when they greeted the media and a group of fans who were invited to join the Q&A session. Here are the highlights.

A lot of people think K-pop idols have no talents, but that stigma is not true. How does GOT7 intend to get rid of that misconception and appeal to non-fans to watch your hologram show?
JB: We are artistes and singers, so we have a certain level of self-esteem and pride in ourselves, so we practise a lot. We always try our best to put up the best performance. There are some areas that we are lacking in, but we try to perfect our performances. Through the hologram concert, I think there will be more people who will know us. So it’s a way for us to showcase ourselves to more audience. I really hope through this concert, we can show our real selves.

The hologram concert is a one-sided event because fans don’t get to interact with you. Will we see you performing a full concert in Singapore anytime soon?
Youngjae: We will try our best to come here as soon as we can so we can spend more time with you guys. (The other members cheer.)

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How does it feel to see the hologram versions of yourselves?
BamBam: It’s very fascinating. Initially, we shot on green screen but when it came out, (switches to English) after the recording, there was so many lights and all that stuff. Sorry, my English [is] not good.

What was the biggest difficulty you faced while filming the hologram video?
Mark: The most difficult part of filming was pretending that the audience was in front of you. There were only cameras and cameramen, so it was really difficult to bring out the energy that we usually have on stage.

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