Is Taiwanese pop star Show Lo trying to woo his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow back or trying to salvage his image after her explosive post on social media?

Grace, 31, wrote on Weibo in April that she had broken up with Lo, 40. The Chinese Internet celebrity accused the singer-host of cheating on her, having sexual relationships with other women and hosting sex parties.

A rumoured third party—Linda Chien, 36, one of Show’s co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment—later apologised to Grace on social media.

Show, who has largely remained silent after apologising to Grace twice on social media, uploaded a 7,000-word post on Weibo at 9.12am on Wednesday (May 20). The timing was significant as her birthday falls on Sept 12.

The singer-host is currently self-isolating at his home in Taipei after returning from China on May 8, as he has been dropped from several Chinese variety shows after the cheating scandal.

In his latest post titled “Boy and girl”, he detailed their nine-year relationship, including how he wooed her and the first time he took her to meet his mother Lin Hsiang-lan.

He said that he and Chow went to many theme parks during their relationship, including the first and only time she took a roller-coaster ride, an experience which spooked her.

Near the end of the post, he wrote, “You are a person seeking perfection, but I have undermined your principles with my imperfections.”

Show said he has been reflecting during this period, “the longest time” he has been alone.He said he has decided not to escape from the issue and chosen to face it bravely. He then apologised to her again and posted a photo of them together at the Eiffel Tower in France.

Grace has so far not reacted publicly to the post.

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Read more about the full saga below.

The Show Lo saga continues.

In case you missed it,

Show’s ex-girlfriend Grace Chow, 31, wrote an explosive post on Weibo in April, announcing that she had broken up with Show, 40, for some time.

The Chinese Internet celebrity went on to accuse the singer-host of cheating on her, having sexual relationships with other women and hosting sex parties.

The third party who came between the couple—Linda Chien, 36, one of Show’s co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment—later apologised to Grace on social media.

According to Taiwan’s Apple Daily, Linda has been engaged to a doctor since last year, with the engagement reportedly held in the United States. It is unknown if the latest scandal has affected the engagement.

Apple Daily said that she was introduced to her fiance by her good friend, television host Momo Chu, in Shanghai.

Momo, 38, is married to Shanghai businessman Li Shenyan. She and Linda catch up when they are in each other’s neck of the woods.

However, according to ETtoday, Linda’s boyfriend is a Shanghai businessman, introduced to her by Momo.

Two sources told the Taiwanese news portal that Linda has flown to Shanghai several times to meet him, and they have also discussed plans for marriage.

When approached by the media, Momo said—through her manager—it was inappropriate for her to comment on Linda’s personal affairs.

Meanwhile, Show has been self-isolating at his home in Taiwan since he returned from China on May 8. His agency said he has no plans for now to hold a press conference to explain the scandal.

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[Updated on April 27] The situation has got even uglier – with more claims coming to light and more twists and turns.

The rumoured third party between the couple, Linda Chien Kai-le, 36, one of Lo’s co-hosts on long-running variety programme 100% Entertainment, has come out to apologise to Chow.

Linda, also known as Butterfly Sister from her early stint as a children’s programme presenter, posted the apology on Saturday night (April 25). “I would like to sincerely apologise to Miss Grace Chow here and to say sorry to all those who love me,” she wrote.

Linda’s post is widely seen as an indirect confirmation that she was one of Show’s sexual partners outside of his relationship with Grace.

This comes after two days of radio silence from Linda since Chow, 31, put up an explosive post on her social media accounts last Thursday (April 23), detailing how her nine-year relationship with Show, 40, came to an end.

She accused him of constantly contacting other women on a separate phone, having sexual relations with different women whenever she was not around, hosting sex parties and having “improper relations” with his make-up artist and a female artist he manages.

Though Grace did not name Linda in her initial post, Linda is reportedly the only female artist under Show’s management agency Creation Entertainment. She was signed to Show in 2014.

Grace also confirmed in a comment thread that she got tested for sexually transmitted diseases after her break-up with Show and even tagged Linda’s official Instagram account in subsequent comments, implying that Linda should similarly get tested – indirectly naming her as one of Show’s sexual partners.

Show apologised to his former girlfriend in an online post last Friday.

The flirtatious behaviour between Linda and Show has long been noted by fans and the media, even before Show publicly acknowledged his relationship with Grace.

Linda and Show have been hosting variety programme 100% Entertainment together since 2011 and frequently flirted with each other on the show, with Chien expressing her feelings for Lo – though the two played it off as an onscreen shtick.

She once mistakenly referred to Lo as her boyfriend instead of her boss, and has, on several occasions, flaunted the expensive luxury bags Lo gifts her every year on her birthday.

Taiwanese media reported that Chien’s late-night post garnered over 30,000 comments in just three hours – with many netizens mocking her and accusing her of granting sexual favours to Lo in return for a more lucrative career.

Some have even called for Show and Linda to retire from the entertainment industry completely.


Breakups can get messy and Grace Chow and Show Luo’s is testament to that. After months of public speculation, Grace finally confirmed her breakup with Show, 40, in a Weibo post this morning (April 23).

But that’s not all. The long post also detailed the reason for their split, and fans and netizens were left reeling in shock and disgust at her claims, one of which is his penchant for orgies.

The 31-year-old influencer prefaced that they broke up a while ago but kept the news under wraps amid the coronavirus pandemic. So much time has since passed that she was able to write the post in complete calmness and not in a moment of recklessness or revenge, she said.

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As with many other couples, the truth began unravelling all because she looked at his mobile phone – the first time in their nine-year relationship.

“If I hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t have known that you actually have another mobile phone used specifically to chat up girls,” Grace wrote.

“Practically every day that I wasn’t around, you invited women to your home, and the crux is, they were all different women. Every city that you go to, you have women that you could invite to the hotel.

Screengrab Of Grace Chow's Weibo Post
Image: Screengrab of a portion of Grace Chow’s Weibo post

“You have improper long-term relationships with the female artistes in your management agency—the ones you introduced me to—and even with your make-up artist. You and your group of male friends were so disrespectful to the women that you invited out.

“Worst, all of you would often hold ‘multi-player sports’ sessions—things that normal people cannot even begin to imagine.”

While she couldn’t bring herself to say it explicitly, it is clear that she is referring to orgies.

Grace added that, on hindsight, she should have left him the first time she caught him cheating on her, instead of forgiving him every time he was caught.

Despite his infidelity, she also believes he had truly loved her in the course of their long relationship because of all the sweet and romantic things he did such as re-scheduling his work to spend special days with her, showing her concern, and chatting with her on the phone every day. She also thanked him for the wonderful times they’ve had, and for helping her to mature and be independent.

Grace Chow And Show Luo
Image: 毒舌扒客

“But how could a person who loves me also do these to me? And where did you find the time? Both of us sleep only at 3 to 4am every day. Do you mean you forgo sleep just to have sex with the women?” she wondered.

Grace explained that she revealed his infidelity because she didn’t want women to fall for the same lie that she did, thinking that they are the only one for him. She also warned against thinking they will be the one to change him, “because some people are just inherently scumbags”.

She added, presumably to Show: “You are really so, so, so, so, so x 100 scummy!”

Show wrote a considerably much shorter response on Weibo.

He said: “Firstly, I’m sorry that my personal life has taken up public resources, and I thank everyone for their concern. There might be a lot of people waiting for my response, but I just want to say a couple goes through happy and bad times. We split up and got back together many times in these nine years. I will reflect on my mistakes, but a lot of things cannot be easily explained in just a few words. I also won’t try to.

“I’m thankful that we met and fell in love, I have no regrets as well.”

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Images: Grace’s Weibo, TPG/Click Photos
Text: Kwok Kar Peng / AsiaOne / April 2020, Jan Lee / Lim Ruey Yan / The Straits Times
Additional text: Sally Manik