In a surprise move yesterday, South Korean super group BTS released a nine minute, dramatic video that also previews a new song.

Titled Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself: Wonder, the video starts quite violently, with fiery scenes and injuries, set to the peaceful melody of Claire de Lune. Then it shows the boys running through various locations including rooftops, hospitals and by the water.


The song previewed is sung entirely by Jungkook and has led many fans to theorize on its potential meaning. Some think that Love Yourself: Wonder is a prelude to Love Yourself: Her, while others are dissecting the meaning of the word “euphoria” to note that it means a joy that can’t last forever.

Fans think Wonder could possibly be the fourth in the band’s series of mini-albums, which comes right after they just launched their third Japanese album Face Yourself which debuted at the top of Japan’s Oricon music chart the day it was released. Check out the video here yourself and see what you think!

Images: Youtube