Seems like every time we see Edison Chen’s name in the news, it’s always bad news. This time round, he  made headlines for an unprovoked attack on Taiwanese model and actress, Lin Chiling.

Last Thursday, the notorious playboy took to Weibo, posting up a photo of Chiling with an offensive caption that insults her appearance as well as her illustrious career.

The post has since been taken down, but it’s safe to say that the damage has already been done.

What caused Edison to go on this tirade? According to reports from Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily, it might be because of Shu Pei Qin, a model whom Edison is allegedly dating. Apparently, Pei Qin was supposed to be on a fashion reality television series called Hey Muse, but she got axed at the last minute because Chiling did not want the 25-year-old on the show for unspecified reasons.

Pei Qin took to Weibo to shed some more light on the incident, saying that she was offered a role on the show but it was withdrawn after she had turned down jobs to make time for Hey Muse. Meanwhile producers from the show told Apple Daily that Chiling had nothing to do with that decision; it was Pei Qin’s relationship with Edison that made them reconsider, seeing that he doesn’t have the best reputation around in showbiz. Yikes.

Image: TPG 

Text; Sophie Hong