Another K-pop star has been embroiled in Seungri’s web of sex/drugs/prostitution scandal. Highlight’s Junhyung has announced his departure from the group, admitting that he was aware that Jung Joon Young had been illegally recording himself in sexual acts with women without their permission—and that he had even watched the videos.

When reports first came out about Jung Joon Young’s chat group, Junhyung’s agency refuted claims that he was involved in the chat group. However, he admitted to the private conversations he had with Joon Young. They two met in late 2015, and he was made aware of Jung Joon Young’s illegal actions. He said, “It’s true that in late 2015, I was in a 1:1 chatgroup with Jung Joon Young and found out that he had shot illegal videos. After that, I watched the video that was shared in the chat and made inappropriate comments about it.”

His agency, Around US Entertainment, said that he would be withdrawing from the group in order to protect the group’s image.

His agency added, “He is aware of the fact that he has disappointed many people with his actions, and the immorality of his past actions was serious.”

His agency also apologised for jumping the gun and making a hasty statement to claim he wasn’t involved before confirming the facts.

Junhyung took it to Instagram to clarify:

Hello, this is Yong Jun Hyung.

First, I sincerely apologise to all my members and all my fans who have had a hard time in the last few days.

I received a phone call from the company to confirm the facts immediately after the SBS 8 o’clock news on the 11th. So, from the standpoint of the company, I gave the facts so if you say that the report from the company was not correct, it was my mistake. When I was talking to the company to make an official position, I told them that it was 2016 because the conversation with Jung Joon Young was not in my Kakaotalk so I could not confirm the date at that time. I apologize that this also added to the confusion of many.

As reported in the news, at the end of 2015, the day after Jung Joon Young and I went for a drink, I texted him and he said he got caught for sharing an illegal video. I replied, “You got caught by the girl?” I didn’t receive a video at that time, but I did receive a video in another instance. We also had inappropriate conversations about it. My behaviour was immoral and I was stupid. It’s my fault for not thinking it was a big deal or that it was a criminal act, and it was my fault for not deterring it.

He went on to clarify that he has never illegally recorded such videos and that by 2016, he only shared a casual, hi-bye relationship with Joon Young.

Junhyung has been called in for questioning. He ended the note with, “I’m really sorry that I cannot return the overwhelming love you have given me so far and for betraying my members’ and the fans’ trust. I will withdraw from Highlight as of March 14, 2019, as I realise the seriousness of this issue and don’t want to add further harm to my fans and members who must have been disappointed in me. I will live in reflection and in reflection. Again, I sincerely apologise.”

Image: Junhyung’s Instagram