We’re almost approaching the festive season but we understand that not everyone is a party animal. If you’re a homebody who has finished watching all the shows on Netflix (props to you), why not switch things up with Korean dramas? And if you’re already a K-drama fan, we’ve got great news: the lineup for November and December looks awesome.

This season sees a trend of producers casting a group of eye candies in one show. Hwarang sees six good-looking actors in one historical drama, while First Kisses, a drama produced by Lotte Duty Free, has seven top stars in one web drama. Scroll the galleries below to find out who to look out for in these shows.

This sageuk drama revolves around the story of “flower knights”, or highly-educated warriors who fight for the Kingdom of Silla. In other words, flower boys with wicked combat skills.
Hwarang will be available on Viu (viu.com or Viu mobile app) from December 20, 2016, every Tuesday and Wednesday. Viu Premium users can catch the latest episodes first eight hours after Korea’s telecast.
Images: Viu



First Kisses
Seven top actors, one lucky actress who might possibly get to kiss them all. Or she might choose just one of them. We don’t really know how exactly the plot will develop, but hey, we’re all here for the eye candies. And Choi Jiwoo, who’s acting as “Goddess of Multiple Fates”.
First Kisses is slated to air mid-December.
Images: YouTube

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This drama might not have a line-up of pretty boys but Gong Yoo and Lee Dongwook more than make up for it. Directed and written by the duo behind Descendants of the Sun, the drama is about a goblin (Gong Yoo) who has to marry a human to stop being an immortal. Dongwook plays a grim reaper who is always with Gong Yoo.
Goblin will be available on Viu (viu.com or Viu mobile app) from December 3, 2016, every Saturday and Sunday at 12am. Viu Premium users can catch the latest episodes first four hours after Korea’s telecast.
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Legend of the Blue Sea
The drama might have just one super good-looking actor among its main cast, but we’re not complaining. After all, the plot is enough to engage us. Complement it with Jun Jihyun’s acting and you get a masterpiece that is this top-rated drama.
Legend of the Blue Sea airs on ONE, every Thursday and Friday at 8.10pm, within 24 hours of Korea’s telecast. ONE is available on Singtel TV Ch 513 & 604, StarHub TV Ch 124, 820 & 823.
Images: ONE