If you were already a K-pop fan in 2012, you might have known about the bullying controversy surrounding girl group T-ARA and their former member Hwayoung. The latter was allegedly ostracised and bullied by the other members after she joined the group in 2010.

Her contract was then terminated, and the CEO of the company attributed her departure to her detrimental behaviour that had a negative impact on the members. But the remaining members of T-ARA suffered backlash from netizens for their alleged bullying ways.

And it seems the drama didn’t end there. Dispatch just released screenshots of Kakaotalk conversations that reportedly happened between Hwayoung’s twin sister, Hyoyoung, and one of T-ARA’s former members, Ahreum.

At that time, Hyoyoung was in another group under the same record label as T-ARA.

The messages showed that Hyoyoung was threatening Ahreum for allegedly telling tales. She wrote: “Ahreum, when people around you take care of you, you have to be thankful. Behave if you don’t want to get hit. Rumours spread fast. Don’t shoot your mouth off. Be classy. I’m really angry now, so don’t let me see your face.”

She added, “If I’m mistaken, do you want to meet and talk about it? If not, apologise now.”

When Ahreum said she didn’t know what Hyoyoung was talking about, and suggested meeting to clear up the misunderstanding, Hyoyoung went on to say, “Baby, you should go away. I’ll go and beat you up so hard at Music Bank that dust will fly, wait for it. I’ll scratch your face so you can’t appear on TV. (Laughs) Just wait.”


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She followed up with her threats saying, “I’m not going to be a singer so just wait. Dogs have to be hit to come to their senses. B****, wait till I catch you.”

Hyoyoung, who is now under another agency, has admitted to sending the texts. Her agency issued a statement and said, “Hyoyoung was very young at that time. It was during the time when her twin sister, Hwayoung, was having a hard time because of the bullying scandal, so she did it to help a family member.”

The agency added, “Hyoyoung didn’t know about the problems in T-ARA. She did it after seeing her sister suffering through a difficult time. There is no other reason.”

Ahreum didn’t deny the allegations. Instead, she posted a screengrab of Park Hyoshin’s song, “Gift”, and captioned it, “I really endured it. I am very grateful to the reporters for excluding my other photos and uploading the last one. See you soon. I don’t know if you will see this, reporter, but please find strength. We’ll pretend nothing happened today. Be strong!”


She also wrote in English, “I’m OK,” and added in Japanese, “Don’t worry, I’m all right. I’m sorry for making you worried.”

Image: Hyoyoung’s Instagram