If you enjoyed Korean dramas like Crash Landing On You and Memories of the Alhambra, chances are, you’d think that Hyun Bin, the male lead in those shows, is very handsome. Or at least, very enjoyable to look at. 

With his chiseled jawline and near sharp features, it’s hard to think that anyone would think otherwise. But according to a North Korean defector and YouTuber, Hyun Bin isn’t considered handsome—in North Korea at least. 

In a video uploaded to his channel North Korean Man, YouTuber Park Yoo-sung claimed that due to different beauty standards, the drop-dead gorgeous South Korean actor won’t be sweeping anyone off their feet in North Korea.

Park said: “There is no such thing as dieting in North Korea and only people from rich families have bellies that stick out. That’s why North and South Korean beauty standards are so different.”

He added: “For North Korean men, having a big frame is associated with beauty. People who are skinny like me are treated worse than dogs. It’s a bit suspicious that a North Korean would say Hyun Bin is handsome. They like people who look like [Korean-American actor] Ma Dong-seok.”


Since Hyun Bin ‘crash landed’ on our screens in the hit Netflix drama Crash Landing on You, the heartthrob has charmed viewers all over the world with his onscreen portrayal of a charismatic North Korean army captain who has a string of female admirers.


Before you start clutching your pearls, Park has one more revelation to declare. He also claimed that this beauty standard was why North Korean leader Kim Jong-un gained weight. He said: “The reason why Kim Jong-un immediately gained a lot of weight from his previously thinner frame was so that he could gain trust as an upper executive.”

So does this mean that in North Korea, Hyun Bin isn’t as handsome as the North Korean leader?

Talk about a real crash landing.

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Images: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Bryan Lim / AsiaOne / April 2020
Additional Text: Sally Manik