Last month, the K-pop world was rocked by another dating scandal: K-pop singer HyunA was revealed to be dating Pentagon’s E’Dawn. The two are also in the same group, Triple H, along with another Pentagon member, Hui.

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While their agency, Cube Entertainment, initially denied the reports of them dating, HyunA admitted to a Korean news agency in August that they are indeed a couple and have been dating for two years—which means, they started dating even before Triple H was formed. HyunA revealed that became closer after the pair collaborated on HyunA’s solo song, “Roll Deep”, in 2015.

In September, Cube Entertainment announced that both artists have been kicked out of the agency due to a breach of trust, but later retracted their statement and claimed they were still in discussion.

Meanwhile, HyunA and E’Dawn continued to date openly.



Some fans were supportive of their relationship, but others were angry because while HyunA immediately posted her statement on Instagram on the same day, it took E’Dawn a month before he addressed the issue.

Recently, HyunA uploaded a photo of them on a date, but what irked Pentagon fans was the fact that she did it on the band’s second anniversary of debut.

Yesterday, Cube Entertainment confirmed that HyunA and the agency had agreed to terminate their contract.

Like the queen of giving no f***s that she is, the singer uploaded a video of her acting lovey dovey with E’Dawn on Instagram after Cube released the statement.

Hyuna was initially a member of Wonder Girls, but left in 2007 due to health reasons. A year later, she joined Cube Entertainment and debuted as a member of 4Minute in 2009.

Image: TPG/Click Photos