Just a few hours ago, Korean media outlet Dispatch reported that a member of K-pop group iKON, B.I, was allegedly trying to buy drugs illegally in 2016. His agency, YG Entertainment, denied the claims and said the perpetrator was simply trying to get a reduced sentence by dragging B.I down with him.

In the last hour, B.I, whose real name is Kim Han Bin, has admitted to the legitimacy of the claims and announced his departure from iKON through an Instagram post. The 22-year-old uploaded a screen grab of a note, which read:

This is Kim Han Bin.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry for causing inconvenience because of my inappropriate behaviour.

At one time, I was having a hard and rough time and wanted to reply on something that I shouldn’t even have an interest in—that is the truth. However, I was afraid so I didn’t end up doing it.

Nevertheless, because of my mistake, I’ve caused great disappointment and hurt to my fans and members, so I’m very embarrassed and apologetic towards them.

I will humbly reflect on my wrongdoing and leave my team.

Once again, I bow my head in apology to my fans and members. I’m sorry.


B.I debuted as the leader of seven-member group iKON in 2015, two years after the group appeared on survival reality programme WIN: Who Is Next alongside WINNER who eventually became the winning team. In 2014, he and Bobby (also part of iKON) appeared on reality rap TV competition Show Me The Money 3.

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In 2016, iKON had a packed schedule: they made their Japanese debut in January, then went on an Asian tour before embarking on a Japan tour. They were also on Chinese dance survival program Heroes of Remix but was edited out due to the political tension between South Korea and China.

Apart from promoting as a member of iKON, B.I had been part of a variety show on JTBC titled Grand Buda-Guest, which premiered on June 3. The production team announced that they would be editing him out of the upcoming episodes, as well as reruns of episodes 1 and 2.

He had also completed filming for the new season of Law of the Jungle, which will premiere on June 15. A rep of SBS confirmed that he will be edited out of the show as well.

[Update] YG Entertainment just released a statement addressing B.I’s departure:

This is YG Entertainment.

We apologise to everyone who was disappointed with the problem of Kim Han Bin of YG artist.

Kim Han-bin is feeling heavy responsibility by the impact of the issue, and has accepted his departure from the team and termination of contract.

YG will be more aware on how to manage our artists.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Image: TPG/Click Photos