We thought by now everyone would be well-acquainted with this fact, but men are still sending unsolicited pictures of their genitalia to strangers. Even worse? When their victims are made to feel responsible for their crime.

So when several Instagram Stories by local DJ Jade Rasif meant to dissuade minors from sending her d*** pics resulted in an article bringing up her “NSFW” Instagram feed and “thirst trapping” behaviour, she wasn’t too pleased.

The 26-year-old had posted several Stories on her second Instagram account @simp_4_you on May 23 complaining about receiving unsolicited photos from teenagers of their genitalia.

According to Jade, the perpetrators were under 14 and from Singapore.

The behaviour was worrying, not to mention illegal, Jade said, adding: “Nobody wants to see that s***.”

Jade’s remarks were quickly picked up by local online magazine Goody Feed and featured in an article titled “Outspoken DJ Jade Rasif claims 14yo S’porean teens have been sending her explicit pictures”.

A furious Jade took to her Instagram Stories to call out the online platform on May 26, alleging that it was “sexist” and “using [her] f****** name for clickbait”.

In particular, she took issue with the conclusion of the article, which said: “So, as for the question ‘where did the kids learn such behaviour?’

“I don’t know about you guys, but I have a very good feeling I know where indeed.”

Screengrab from Jade Rasif’s Instagram story

The article had also labelled Jade as “infamous for being a thirst trap”.

In case you’re not sure what a “thirst trap” is, the article went on to clarify: “Basically, she posts sexy pics to attract attention.

“Unfortunately, pictures of her Instagram are probably too NSFW (Not Safe For Work) to embed in here.”

The writer, Victor Fong, also wrote: “Oh, and her alternate account @simp_4_me? That profile picture facial expression is called an ‘ahegao’, which I strongly suggest you don’t Google in front of other people.”

“Ahegao” is a common expression in explicit Japanese comics.

Quoting the article on her Instagram Stories, Jade slammed it, calling it a “piece of trash”.

Screengrab from Jade Rasif’s Instagram story

“F*** your sexist article. You can make the argument I get porn sent to me. Fair enough. That I deserve to be implicated in child porn?” she wrote.

“And there is so much easily accessible ACTUAL porn on the internet and all over Twitter, porn sites and OnlyFans, you imply they learnt it from me?”

Besides Jade, other netizens also took issue with Goody Feed‘s article, leaving scathing comments on the site’s Facebook page.

Screengrab from Goody Feed’s Facebook page

Jade said that she would be making a Facebook post on the issue today and was “giving [Goody Feed] the opportunity to come apologise.”

However, Goody Feed has yet to publicly respond to Jade.

[Update] Jade posted an Instagram post yesterday (May 27) with screenshots of Goody Feed’s apology.

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Text: Kimberly Anne Lim / AsiaOne / May 2020
Image: Jade Rasif’s Instagram