So April Fool’s Day came and went yesterday and to be honest, given the situation in the world right now, everyone is not quite in the mood for jokes—especially Covid-19-related jokes.

We knew it was bound to happen: someone would joke about contracting Covid-19 or crack an equally bad joke.

Well, it happened.

Korean singer Kim Jaejoong, part of K-pop group JYJ, uploaded a post on Instagram saying that he had contracted the coronavirus. He claimed he had contracted the illness after he failed to be careful and follow the cautionary word given by the government.

The South Korean government had asked people to self-isolate and practise social distancing to curb the spread of the disease. The country saw a sharp rise in the number of infections in February, partly due to the alleged irresponsible behaviour of members of a cult. Since then, the government had tried to control the situation by setting up drive-through test centres, where people can get tested quickly and easily.

They also asked the public to stop large gatherings and remain indoors.

In his Instagram post, Jaejoong claimed he was in hospital because of the illness.


However, he later edited his caption to reveal that he did not have Covid-19. He explained that he did that to raise awareness about the illness. He said a lot of the people around him had been tested positive for the coronavirus, and reminded people to not ignore social distancing recommendations.

He added that he didn’t think of it as an April Fool’s joke, but as a message for people to protect themselves and the people around them. He ended the post by saying he would accept punishment for the post. He later deleted the post.

He then uploaded another post to apologise for making people worried and for disrupting administrative work (their MOH/NCID counterpart probably had started investigating).

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He called it a “bad judgment” on his part. He said, “My father recently had lung cancer surgery and went to the hospital often. When I saw the healthcare workers and patients in the hospital, I was a bit angry and wished that everyone would think of the virus not as someone else’s problem, but their own.”

He added that the healthcare workers are busy fighting the outbreak, but some people simply refused to be socially responsible.

He admitted that he went too far with the initial post and apologised for causing distress to the government agencies, healthcare professionals and those who are already following the government’s instructions.

Jaejoong, who is currently promoting his new single in Japan, cancelled a radio show last night after the scandal broke out.

A representative from Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) told a Korean news outlet that they are investigating the case, and as it involves spreading of false information, they are discussing what the punishment will be.

They added that while people who incite disorder by continually making malicious prank calls to the epidemic prevention authorities are punishable by law, Jaejoong’s case is different as it involves a celebrity using social media to make a false claim.

Meanwhile, a petition for Jaejoong to be punished has surfaced on the Blue House’s website.

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