You might know Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua for her Hermes Birkin collection or her extravagant lifestyle, but beneath that Insta-glamour lies a sentimental side. In a recent interview with The Singapore Women’s Weekly, she said she had a special gift prepared for her daughter, Calista Cuaca.

“I bought a heart-shaped solitaire pendant and matching ring for her future wedding a decade ago, when she was just nine years old. I used my own savings because I wanted it to be my little gift for her, but at $300,000 it was definitely a big splurge,” says Jamie.

“All my jewellery pieces will eventually be hers anyway, but this particular set is significant. Personally, I don’t like heart-shaped stones but when I looked at my sweet little girl then, I thought the heart was so appropriate.”

The 44-year-old tends to favour classic designs, so even if a piece were to be passed on through the generations, it will still be in style.

“It’s my wish that Calista will pass on what I’ve given her to her daughter, too, and start a new tradition of leaving meaningful heirlooms behind because growing up I didn’t come from a rich family. We simply did not own jewellery,” she confesses. “In a way, it’s why I have a lot of jewellery now, to make up for that lost time.”

Calista, on her part, has not come to fully appreciate her mother’s taste in investment jewels.

“I was very young when my mum bought this set for me, so I didn’t particularly appreciate the meaning behind it,” she says. “I’m not against inheriting her jewellery, clothes, or bags: It’s just not my style right now. I don’t like fancy things, but that might change when I’m older – I’ll probably cherish this jewellery set more then.”

Images: The Singapore Women’s Weekly
Text: Natalya Molok / The Singapore Women’s Weekly / May 2018
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