Cube Entertainment released a statement today to announce that Jang Hyunseung will be leaving Korean boy band, BEAST. The company wrote that it was due to “differences in personalities, which stemmed from conflicting musical opinions”.

Hyunseung trained for one-and-a-half years to be a part of Big Bang, and was featured in Big Bang Documentary. However, he was eventually eliminated from the group before their debut because the CEO of YG Entertainment thought his stage presence was underdeveloped.

He went on to join Cube Entertainment, where he debuted in the six-piece group, BEAST. A few years later, he formed a subunit, Trouble Maker, with 4Minute’s HyunA.

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While the news came as a shock to B2UTIES (BEAST’s official fanclub), fans wondered if it had anything to do with the recent scandal surrounding his bad attitude. In February, reports of his lack of enthusiasm during the group’s events and practice sessions popped up. Around the same time, he also missed out on the group’s performances, citing personal reasons. However, fans were angered when photos of him dining at a café with a woman were circulated. The photos were said to be taken at the same time when the other BEAST members were having their fan meeting – the same one he missed.

However, Cube Entertainment never addressed the issue.

In their statement today, they stated that Hyunseung will carry on as a solo artist under the company, while BEAST will continue as a five-member group. We’re not sure how this will pan out, but judging from Yamapi’s drop in popularity after he left NEWS, we can only say, good luck.

Image: TPG/Click Photos