Singaporean singer-songwriter Jasmine Sokko identifies herself as an introvert, and something she said recently will strike a chord in any introvert.

In a press release sent by Warner Music Singapore to announce her new single, she was quoted, “I hate going for social events. It gets so draining sometimes because people are all faking to be your close friends. It’s not easy to deal with this hypocrisy. At these social events I just want to keep a corner to myself.”


And any introvert would totally get that. Scoalising is tiring, and socialising with fake people? That’s 10 times worse. We’re all about faking the glow but fake personality is one we can’t deal with. And Jasmine, our CLEO Change Maker 2018, totally gets that.

If you take a listen to “TIRED”, Jasmine’s latest single, you’d probably be able to relate to the lyrics, which talks about, well, being tired of socialising.

Lately I just feel so tired

Not because of my sleep

I don’t like nobody and

Nobody likes me

Jasmine, who is known for her brand of electronic pop music and angst-filled lyrics, said, “When I was writing ‘TIRED,’ I wanted to try something which I’ve never done. There are only two synth lines going on in the music production – something that is very stripped down. I just wanted the listener to focus on the song and its production intricacies.”

Watch Jasmine Sokko’s lyrics video for “TIRED” below.

Image: Jayden Tan / Warner Music Singapore, Jasmine Sokko’s Instagram