If you’re active on Weibo, you’d probably notice a certain street encounter with Jay Chou making its rounds – and trending. The person even posted video evidence.

But what makes it different from others is that, the person who had this encounter was none other than Jay himself. The singer took a video of his chance meeting with his wife on the streets. But wait – shouldn’t his wife be in confinement after giving birth recently? Yes, she is.

The “encounter” was, in fact, related to bus ads. Jay had seen Hannah’s mug on a bus ad and proceeded to take a video while he was riding in a neighbouring car.

Coincidentally, right behind the bus was another bus with Jay’s advertisement on it.

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The video, which was posted on his label JVR Music’s Weibo account, was accompanied by Jay’s caption: “Haha, while I was in the car today, I felt someone next to me, looking at me… It turned out to be you. But… why am I the one chasing you?”

The post soon made its rounds on Weibo and started trending because everyone seems pretty tickled by the coincidence and his cute caption. Nawww… such a sweet couple!

Images: Weibo, TPG/Click Photos