Our hearts are broken enough with Aloysius Pang’s passing, and it broke even more when we found out he and local actress Jayley Woo had plans to marry.

The couple reportedly wanted to keep their relationship under wraps until they marry and according to Jayley’s twin sister Hayley, they would get married around 31 years old.

Jayley flew to New Zealand to be with Aloysius. After Aloysius’ passing, Jayley posted a heartbreaking eulogy on her Instagram account, but what made us weep were her Instagram stories, in which she reminisced about their times together and taking photos for each other, but not being able to credit the other because their relationship wasn’t made public. They also couldn’t appear on each other’s Instagram feed as lovers, but only as colleagues.

When news of his death broke, she posted on her Insta story, “This is my world” and in the next story, “It has disappeared”.

When Benjamin Kheng posted an Instagram story and rallied everyone to surround Jayley with love, she reposted the story with the caption, “I don’t need love. I need Aloysius. But thank you Ben.”

She also posted a series of stories where she reposted photos of her on his Instagram account where she appeared as a colleague, as well as his previous Instagram posts.

The real-life couple had acted as an on-screen couple on Dream Coder.

“Just like in the show, I had a crush on your character. But the real me in real life, it seems we have affinity but no fate.”

Jayley said she’s willing to wait three lifetimes to be reunited with him.

“I know you are the luck that I have accumulated over three lifetimes. That was how I met you. So I’m willing to go through three more lifetimes to meet you again.”

This made us cry.

“Before posting this photo, I wasn’t crying. But after posting this photo, I miss him a lot.”

She even lamented about wanting to take his place.

“Watching him lying there helplessly on the sick bed, I kept asking him if we could turn back time, can I take your place?”

Images: Jayley’s Instagram