Who says Singaporeans are not capable at making films? Our small country has seen a few really good filmmakers, including Royston Tan, Kirsten Tan and Jaze Phua.

You might remember Jaze as the dude behind the Naruto Mirror Challenge. He’s also one of this year’s CLEO Bachelors.

The film director released a new parody video last night, and we’re totally here for it.

He made a parody of the Avengers: Endgame trailer and it’s SO GOOD.


Firstly, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship that Iron Man is modelled after hands. Yes, hands.


Captain America’s iconic scene (where he tried signing up to be an army personnel and was approached by Dr Abraham Erskine was shot outside Wisma Atria.


Thor’s Stormbreaker is made out of a giant Nokia 3310 because we all know how tough the phone is.


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Jaze plays three characters in the parody: Iron Man, Thor and Ant-Man. And he nailed every character.

Can we also talk about who or what played Rocket?


Needless to say, the video has gone viral. His post on his Facebook page has garnered over 26k views and 500 shares, while his Instagram post has almost 12k likes. It was also shared on Reddit because all good stuff goes on Reddit, right?

Watch the full trailer below.

Firstly, what made you decide to do this? Why Avengers: Endgame?

I’ve been following the entire MCU since the beginning of Iron Man and have never missed any of their instalment. After watching their trailer, I decided that I should make a small tribute prior to their latest trailer knowing that this is likely to be the most anticipated movie in the decade!

How long did it take to produce, from conceptualising to the actual shoot? And how long did it take to actually shoot it?

It took us four days—five in total, including conceptualise and editing! Take around three to four hours every time we shoot because there’s a lot of scenes and shots. And we really don’t want to miss any shot. Got to replicate shot by shot.

There’s a comment on a Reddit thread that posted this parody video that goes like this:
“Did you do it?”
“What did it cost?”
Did it really cost nothing? How much did you spend? On costumes, sets, etc?

We spend $2.70 on black whiteboard markers for our beard, $10 on Crispy Chicken Meal and other than transportation costs, it cost pretty much nothing but [a lot of] effort because we DIY-ed almost everything. Just trying to prove a point to some clients that you get for the price you pay sometimes.

Which was your favourite scene to shoot?

To be honest my favourite scene to shoot is the part where “Hawkeye” ran from the explosion. Not many would notice that the explosion is actually us holding orange cloth. We literally couldn’t stop laughing for doing something so silly, which actually worked! The easier scene will be the part where I just use my phone light and clothes peg/clip to replicate the Avengers Logo.

The reaction has been pretty crazy. Did you expect this reaction, seeing the success of your Naruto video?

I didn’t and don’t expect much when I do videos like that because we can’t predict what can go viral but what’s for sure is that I just want to make people smile and laugh watching our videos.

Why did you use the Nokia 3310 as the Stormbreaker (that was genius, by the way!)?

I personally used a 3310 once and guess what, it’s still in my drawer and it actually still works the last time I turned it on for fun last month. Personally thought Nokia 3310 is the strongest phone ever made. Marvel should create Nokia Man!

On the scale of 1 to 10, how big of an Avengers fan are you? Who is your favourite Avenger?

It’ll be 10! I would put 100 if I could. Iron Man has been my all-time favourite Marvel superhero. In fact, I DIY-ed and built an Iron Man figurine with 60 soda cans few years back because I am too poor to get one for myself.

Jaze is one of CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelors 2019. The full list of Bachelors will be revealed on CLEO.com.sg on April 8.