When news of Jessica leaving Girls’ Generation broke out, it shook the K-pop world. After all, the nonet was the top girl group in South Korea and Jessica was one of its most popular members.

Jessica, who just returned from a New York trip then, expressed her shock and disappointment on Weibo while many speculated that the members had ganged up on her to kick her out because she was focusing too much efforts on her fashion business venture.

The 27-year-old was still signed on to SM Entertainment, albeit as a solo artist. Months later, both parties parted ways cordially and Jessica signed on to Coridel Entertainment, under Coridel Group – the company of her Korean-American businessman boyfriend, Tyler Kwon.

She went on to release an album, With Love, J, which was released on May 17, 2016.

What many people were curious about was her departure from Girls’ Generation – how and why did it happen? In a recent interview with TenAsia, she finally addressed the issue. She said, “It was an inevitable choice. We had different interests. At one point, we would have broken up but for me, the departure just came sooner.”

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Jessica dropped her new record just a week after former band mate Tiffany released a solo EP, I Just Wanna Dance.

She told Korean news outlet Star Today that she was initially surprised by the coincidence. “I wondered what kind of image she would have. After searching, [I realised] it was very cool. Her music and image are different from mine, [so] I think it’ll be interesting for people to see.”

Both Tiffany and Jessica are doing well on the charts, with Tiffany claiming top spots and pre-orders for Jessica’s album selling out a week before its release date.

Image: TPG/Click Photos