Another Korean celebrity couple will be tying the knot! Korean actor Jo Jung Suk and Korean singer Gummy is set to marry this year. The couple released statements, confirming that the two will be getting married, although a date has yet to be set for the ceremony.

According to Korean media outlets, the two are likely to marry this fall. The ceremony is expected to be a private one, with only immediate families in attendance.

Jung Suk uploaded a post on his fan café saying, “A date hasn’t been set, so I couldn’t say anything but, I will be getting married this year. I have decided to get married because there’s a person who has been a great pillar of support for me in the past five years, and one who encourages me to be a better person in future. You might be surprised by this sudden news, but I hope you’ll show me your support and give me your blessings. I might be lacking as a strong head of a family, but I will greet you through good projects and as a responsible actor.”

jo jung suk gummy marry

The two has been in a relationship since 2013, but only went public three years ago.

During an episode of I Live Alone in 2016, Gummy was seen talking sweetly to her actor boyfriend on the phone while visiting Lena Park’s house. Comedian Lee Guk Joo, who was on the panel, commented, “I know a family who is close to Gummy. [In that family], the unni (older sister) always said to me, ‘If you want to date, look at how Gummy does it.’”

Since they went public, their relationship has been in the spotlight during a lot of interviews, leading Jung Suk to say during an interview, “I have to be careful [because] when I do interviews, only the parts about Gummy come out.” He joked, “Please treat me well.”

Earlier this year, Jung Suk revealed in the same interview that they didn’t have any plans to get married yet.


Although there were rumours of a breakup, the actor refuted the allegations, but clarified that he didn’t mention the singer’s name in his thank-you speech while receiving an award at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards just to shut down naysayers.


Jung Suk is known for his roles in dramas and movies such as Jealousy Incarnate and My Annoying Brother, while Gummy is known as a ballad singer with many hit songs to her name, including Descendants of the Sun’s soundtrack “You Are My Everything” and That Winter, The Wind Blows’s soundtrack “Snowflake”.

Images: TPG/Click Photos