By now, you might have heard of the Burning Sun scandal involving Korean singer Seungri whom two days ago announced his retirement from showbiz.

News outlet SBS reported that another celebrity is involved in another scandal: Jung Joon Young had been sharing sharing illegal hidden camera footage to his friends.

The news outlet reported that the singer was one of the celebrities in the same chat group as Seungri and other male singers, and that they would share illegal hidden camera footage among themselves.


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SBS had found records of the conversations after restoring an Excel file, and the conversations date back to late 2015. There were 10 months’ worth of data.

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In one conversation, Joon Young boasted to his friend, Kim, that he just had sex and when the friend asked for proof, he sent his friend a three-second clip that he secretly took during the act.

He had recorded videos of the women he slept with, and so far, the victim count has totaled up to 10. He also shared a clip of himself “in close contact with” a woman at a hostess bar.

Joon Young was in America for filming at the time the news broke out, but cancelled his overseas schedule and returned to Korea yesterday to assist in investigations.

He admitted to the crimes through an apology letter disseminated by his agency and said he would be leaving the industry. He wrote:


I greet you with a shameful, sinful heart.

I came back on March 12 and realised the seriousness of the situation. It’s too late, but for those who gave me another chance and showed interest in me, I apologise to you.

I acknowledge my sins in connection with what has been said about me. I recorded a video of a woman without her consent and shared it via a chat group, showing no remorse.
As a public figure, it was an immoral and thoughtless action.

Most importantly, I kneel and apologise to the women who appeared in the video and learnt the truth after the incident came to light, and to everyone who are angry, disappointed and surprised by this incident.

I will withdraw from all the programmes that I have been appearing in, and will stop all entertainment activities. I will now hang up my hat as a public figure and will spend the rest of my life reflecting on my immoral and illegal actions.

Most importantly, I apologise to the women who have suffered as a result of my actions, to everyone who have been hurt and disappointed by my actions and the people who made me into a public figure and believed in me.

From March 14, I will honestly assist with the investigations and receive punishment for my behaviour.

I apologise once again. I’m sorry.

Three of the shows he appeared in, 2 Days 1 Night, Salty Tour and 4 Wheeled Restaurant have confirmed that his scenes will be edited out from upcoming episodes.

Three years ago, he was accused of sexual assault by his former girlfriend who claimed he had filmed a sex tape of them without her knowledge. The woman revoked her charges shortly after and also petitioned to court to have his name cleared.

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