Update: Some JYJ fans who were at the venue claimed he was misquoted. Some reports quoted him as saying, “You don’t have to feel bad about me and just get married. The birth rate is slow, so don’t feel sorry for me, get married and have lots of kids.”

Another source reported him to say, “In the past, there are cases of people who have children by mistake while and got married. These days, those cases are welcomed and it’s a blessing.”

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The Women’s March might have happened in the United States only a few days ago, but in Korea, a male celebrity just came under fire for making misogynistic remarks.

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, recently met his fans at a concert following his recent discharge from the army. While fans thronged to the venue to watch him perform, his remarks during the concert left a bad taste in some people’s mouth.

During one of the talk segments, the singer-actor allegedly said to his fans, “The people who booed just now are those without boyfriends, right? Our country is experiencing a low birthrate, so recently, being pregnant before you get married is not a bad thing, it’s a gift.”

He added, “There seems to be a lot of guys who are pretty all right here, so get their numbers, OK? And you know, this is a university, so there are a lot of [guys] outside.”

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The fan account was posted on a Facebook page called “Misogyny in Korea”. The person who uploaded it said she was skeptical about posting it because Jaejoong is a popular idol, and was afraid of the possible backlash she might receive from his fans.

While we are big fans of JYJ, we’re not OK with this statement. This is 2017, women don’t exist for the sole purpose of procreation and pushing up birth rates. And we’re not quite sure what he’s trying to suggest by condoning pre-marital sex (and getting pregnant before marriage) – some of his fans are pretty young.

Sorry, Jaejoong, but we’re with our fellow women on this one.

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