Just last week, Park Yoochun was accused of rape by a woman who claimed he sexually assaulted her in a bathroom at the room salon (nightclub) where she was working.

She later dropped the charge and said the sex was consensual, but days later, three other women made the same claim.

Each woman alleged that the JYJ member had raped them in the bathroom of the entertainment establishment where they were working.

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Now, Yoochun is turning the case on them and suing the first accuser for blackmail and false accusation. News channel Channel A reported that Yoochun’s lawyers had submitted a complaint that the woman had demanded for 1 billion won ($1.16 million) in settlement.

The accuser told Yoochun’s agency, “I was sexually assaulted, so I can’t stay in Korea anymore. I will be going to China. Give me 1 billion won.”

His agency had reportedly tried to contact the woman, but could only meet her boyfriend and cousin. The pair bargained it down to 500 million won ($580,000) and when the agency refused, they filed the charge against Yoochun.

A police statement reveals that the police is looking into the possibility of extortion from a syndicate. A spokesperson told Korea Daily that the operators of the establishments the women were working for are closely related to the gangs in the area, so they are not dismissing the possibility that a syndicate might be involved.

In the meantime, Yoochun is planning to file similar charges against the second, third and fourth accusers.

Image: TPG/Click Photos