JYJ’s Yoochun, who is now serving the army as a public servant, is allegedly involved in a sexual assault case.

The 30-year-old singer-actor reportedly visited a pub on the night of June 3 and allegedly sexually assaulted one of the bartenders in the restroom.

The 24-year-old woman’s boyfriend filed a report, and the woman has submitted her underwear and clothes to the police as evidence.

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Yoochun’s agency, CJes Entertainment, released a statement and said it might be a case of blackmail due to Yoochun’s celebrity status. They added that he will be helping police in investigations to bring the truth to light.



Netizens have expressed disappointment over Yoochun’s visit to such an establishment while he’s still serving his mandatory military service. Previously, Se7en and Sangchu have gotten into trouble for visiting a massage parlour while on duty and requesting for “extra services”.

Update: The woman’s boyfriend reportedly withdrew the charges, police denied reports

The boyfriend of the woman involved in the incident has reportedly withdrawn the charges against Yoochun. Sports Donga reported that the former had gone to the Gangnam police station at 6.30pm in the evening to withdraw the charges. They reported that he claimed the woman was drunk when the incident took place. When the boyfriend found out what happened, he got angry and reported it to the police.

However, a source from the Gangnam police station that charges against Yoochun haven’t been dropped.

Meanwhile, CJes Entertainment released a statement to say that they have yet to receive any notification about cancellation nor the initial charges. An official from the Gangnam station said that it’s because they would call the woman first before summoning Yoochun to assist in investigations.

More details about the case has been released by Korean news outlets, including the actual time and date the incident allegedly took place. Although it was reported that Yoochun had gone to the establishment on the night of June 3, he allegedly sexually assaulted the woman in a bathroom of a room where they were drinking together at 5am on June 4. Although there was no CCTV in the room, the CCTV footage taken in the hallway didn’t raise any alarm.

CJes Entertainment has maintained their stance that the “one-sided claims” are false.

The case is still ongoing.

Image: TPG/Click Photos