The appearance of grim reapers in pop culture is nothing new. City of Angels depicted them to be angels with human-like qualities; Meet Joe Black personified Death as, well, Brad Pitt.

This pattern of human-like grim reapers extends to South Korea, seen in dramas 49 Days, Goblin and more recently, Black. Recent movie Along with the Gods (out in Singapore theaters on January 11, 2018) also personifies grim reapers, but unlike the usual brooding men, their group of grim reapers include a girl, played by Kim Hyang Gi.

We don’t think the trend will fade anytime soon (but that also depends on the popularity of other grim reaper-themed dramas), but while we wait for more such dramas, we’ll feast our eyes on the existing hot grim reapers. Take this quiz to find out who your ideal type of man is based on grim reaper characters in K-dramas.

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 Black, Goblin and 49 Days are available on or Viu mobile app.

Images: Viu