When DAY6’s Junhyeok announced that he was leaving the K-pop boyband under JYP Entertainment, he took fans by surprise.

The agency had posted a message on the band’s official fan board, attributing his departure to “personal reasons”.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. Junhyeok, who has been promoting as a member of Day6 till now has left the band and terminated his contract with the company. Please support Junhyeok on his new journey, as well as the DAY6 members who are working hard so they can meet fans with their new album,” the announcement said.

The news came a month after rumours were rife that he was dating a DAY6 fan.

His alleged girlfriend was reportedly a fan of another member, Wonpil, before they started dating. Korean fans who claimed to know her said she first met Junhyeok at an autograph session, but revealed herself to be a Wonpil fan when she started uploading videos of the latter from their performances on her social media accounts.

However, she soon started posting about Junhyeok and even revealed the group’s schedule on her Twitter account, including information that was not made public, arousing suspicions from other fans. Her Instagram photos also hinted at their relationship, including a photo of an instrument store that they had uploaded onto their respective Instagram accounts around the same time.

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A fan, @onlyjae0915, translated Jieun’s explanation below.

The company had not commented on the legitimacy of the claims nor addressed the issue in any way. This led to speculations that Junhyeok’s contract with JYP Entertainment was terminated due to the scandal.

DAY6, who will be having a series of fan meetings in the United States, will continue their activity as a quintet.

Image: TPG/Click Photos