Discord among K-Pop fans is nothing new, but this time round, it seems fans of EXO, BTS and MONSTA X are fighting not among themselves, but with Singaporean blogger Xiaxue.

The fans are taking to Twitter to send threatening messages and insults to the blogger, who ruffled more than a few feathers when she said she “thought they were a group of trannies” and asked her followers which of the boy bands was the most “effeminate”.

It all started when Xiaxue tweeted to say she was on the same flight as MONSTA X and saw them at the airport. She went on to describe the incident, writing, “What did I do to deserve having my ears screamed at by hysterical teens, and blocked going to my car.”

However, what ticked fans off was her follow-up tweet, “I didn’t know who MONSTA X is but when I Google-imaged them, I genuinely thought they were a group of trannies.”

Fans got offended and called her out for being a “transphobe” and for insulting their idols.

Xiaxue defended herself and tweeted, “…calling someone a tranny or a girl is NOT derogatory if you aren’t a freaking transphobe!”

She went on to say that EXO and BTS “suck”, and made fun of BTS’s group name, although she later said she had no idea who they were.

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As fans continued showering her mentions with personal insults to both her and her family, and even death threats, the blogger dealt with it in true Xiaxue fashion – with witty comebacks.

However, some fans took things too far by Photoshopping a photo of her and her son Dash on a grave.

The tirade started two days ago, but judging from Xiaxue’s tweet this morning and her recent mentions, it doesn’t look like it’ll blow over soon.

But if there’s one thing we’ve concluded from this, it’s that Xiaxue is leaving Big Bang out of this whole drama.

Image: Xiaxue’s Instagram