When 4Minute burst into the K-pop scene in 2009, they garnered attention not only because of their unique signature sound that was different from the bubble-gum pop that was saturating the industry, but also because of the constant comparison to another girl group with a similar image, 2NE1.

However, as time passed by, their popularity didn’t quite follow the pattern of other K-pop groups. Member HyunA had immense popularity both as a solo artiste and a part of TroubleMaker, but the group’s success didn’t quite match up to her individual one.

Their lackluster success has always puzzled fans. After all, they put out some of the best tunes in K-pop, with catchy beats that are not jarring on the ear. And with their contract with Cube Entertainment coming to an end, fans fear that it would spell the end of the girl group.

During their recent press conference, leader Ji Hyun revealed that the members’ decision to renew their contracts with the agency hangs on the success of their latest offering, Act. 7, which was released on February 1.

The group currently ranks second on the real-time Hanteo chart, but their daily sales for the fifth day (today) clocks in at a dismal 1,002 (at the time of reporting).

Granted, this doesn’t represent total sales, but we sure hope this doesn’t mean the band will be splitting ways – even if they left Cube Entertainment.

Image: TPG/Click Photos