K-pop groups are known for their dedication towards their performances, and girl group Cosmic Girls illustrated that quality through their recent performance during Korean music programme, Show Champion.

Unlike the usual studio performances, this week’s episode saw celebrities performing outdoors in the rain.

Cosmic Girls, who were performing their debut song, “Mo Mo Mo”, had to dance on the slippery stage and, as a result, the members started taking a tumble one after another from the first verse.

Their performance spanned less than four minutes, but they slipped at least four times, only to get up and continue performing each time.

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SECRET’s Jun Hyoseong, who also performed at the same show, kicked off her heels in favour of going barefoot for better friction.

Cosmic Girls isn’t the first group to fall victim to the capricious weather during outdoor performances. Previously, K-pop group G-Friend also made headlines all around the world when a similar incident happened to them. SISTAR’s Bora has also fallen numerous times, something she attributes to her weak ankles.

In fact, the dedication isn’t limited to performing in the rain. Some celebrities have been known to trudge on with their performances despite nursing an injury or health problems.

In 2014, f(x)’s Krystal fainted right after the group’s performance in Tokyo and had to be carried off the stage. Two months after that, EXO’s Chanyeol was filmed vomiting off-stage in the middle of a performance, yet still returned to stage to complete the song.

Images: YouTube