If you thought the award for Worst Dressed would go to someone who attended the Grammys, think again. K-pop girl group Six Bomb just released their music video, and they were wearing the most bizarre-looking bodysuits ever.

For one, the bodysuits are pink. And we mean pale pink, not Pink Ranger pink, which gives the illusion that they were, well, naked (at least they’re not nude-coloured). The bodysuits look so bad that it earned them the nickname “raw chicken” among Korean netizens.

Then there’s the case of VPL. Note to stylist: invest in seamless underwear.

But those did little to tick us off. What made us sit up and think “WTF” was how the music video features close-up shots on their chest areas and lower regions, especially during the more provocative dance moves. Was that really necessary?

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Someone please get the girls a new wardrobe, and hopefully, a new stylist and director.

Watch the music video below:

Images: YouTube