Two days ago, K-pop boyband EXO flew to Shanghai for K-Friend concert, where they were scheduled to perform alongside B1A4.

However, it seems it wasn’t all peaches and cream – and the Chinese fans are pinning the blame on the concert organiser.

The organiser reportedly had no money to pay for the group’s appearance fee and failed to purchase insurance for the members, which is detrimental to all performing artists. However, not wanting to disappoint their fans who have turned up, EXO allegedly cut down the number of songs they would perform to six.

Fans also claimed that the organiser did not hire makeup artists for EXO or prepare a changing room backstage, so the members had to get ready at their hotel before heading to the concert venue.

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After the show, attendees demanded for a refund, and took their discontent to Weibo.

The group reportedly wasn’t allowed a rehearsal, and in the videos that fans took during the concert, the first song started playing when the members hadn’t gotten into position and were still dragging a chair that Kai sat on (due to a sprained ankle) off the stage. Kai didn’t have time to make his way to the other side of the stage where an SM Entertainment staff was placing a chair, and as a result, had to perform on crutches before hobbling to the chair.

Fans’ gripe didn’t stop there. March 26 was also Xiumin’s birthday, so his Baidu Bar (the biggest Chinese fansite) had prepared food and snacks for the members and staff. His fans said that despite them passing the food on to the organisers, the members didn’t receive them, which led them to question what had happened to all the food.

Fans also had a bone to pick with the security guards, who allegedly called EXO “a bunch of gays” and said that Kai, who was on crutches due to his injury, was a cripple.

Fans on Weibo and Twitter claimed that EXO’s Baidu Bar is currently consulting lawyers on taking legal action against the organiser.

Image: TPG/Click Photos