Just a few months ago, Koreans were crazy for one of the prettiest updates to ombre hair worn by Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon: silver roots with blonde ends.

Now, another K-pop star just upped the game with her new ombre look. This time round, it’s Red Velvet’s Wendy.

The Korean-Canadian recently sported bright red locks but as her red faded, she switched it up wth a beautiful red-ash blonde ombre, which we totally love.

Want to recreate this look at home? Here’s how.

  1. Bleach your hair, then neutralise the colour to avoid a brassy finish before using an ash blonde hair dye.

  2. Use a temporary hair colour, such as Manic Panic, to dye just the crown.

  3. Then, without adding more colour, comb your fingers through your hair to distribute the colour and create the gradient effect.

Tip: Regular shampooing using colour-treated shamooo will also cause the red pigments to be transferred lower (in the same way how colours on clothes run) without stripping off the colour to create a more even gradient as time passes by.

Images: YouTube