Just what is KAMP? No, it doesn’t involve camping. Rather, it’s a K-pop festival that spans two days and saw 10 acts performing in Singapore, including NCT 127, Super Junior, Stray Kids, Chung Ha and many more.

Missed the two days of K-pop festivities? Fret not, we’ve got the highlights here.

Red Carpet Day 1

Red Carpet Day 2

Concert Day 1



Day 1 of KAMP concert kicked off with GFriend. The girl group opened the show with “Fingertip” and went on to perform their hit songs and latest single, “Fever”, showcasing their synchronised choreography and vocal prowess through the 40-minute set. While bantering with the audience between songs, two of the members, Eunha and Yerin, even showed off their aegyo, much to the delight of the audience. What impressed us the most was their performance of “A Starry Sky”, which highlighted their steely vocal pipes.



Despite her petite stature, the singer exuded energy from the get-go. She not only slayed her performance of her solo debut song “Bomb”, but also surprised the audience with dance covers of Monsta X’s “Dramarama” and B.A.P’s “Warrior”. One advantage that Alexa had was her fluency in English, which allowed her to banter freely with the audience. Her performance provided us with a glimpse of we can expect from her in future.

Ha Sung Woon


If there’s anything you need to know about Sung Woon, it’s that his storytelling game on stage is 10/10. The singer not only sang, but also danced and interacted with his dancers, which made it obvious that he was legit having fun on stage. As I watched him perform, it’s not hard to see why he made the final line-up in Wanna One. Despite his small stature, he wasn’t overshadowed by his backup dancers and showcased his impeccable dance skills through his solo numbers such as “Blue” and “Truelv”.

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Chung Ha


I have to admit, the very first video of Chung Ha I watched was her performance of “Bang Bang” on Produce 101 and I legit got goose bumps—she was that impressive. I got to see her perform that song live at KAMP and my life is complete. OK, I might be exaggerating, but her performance was mind-blowing. It’s been only two years since she debuted as a solo artist, but she performs like she has years of experience on her. Her performance of “Snapping” had the crowd singing along, while songs like “Roller Coaster” and “Gotta Go” got whole stadium hyped up. Impressively, she managed to bust out the dance moves while singing live.

NCT 127


NCT 127 obviously drew the most fans on the first day, many armed with their green lightsticks. The group started their set with a bang, opening on a high note with “Fire Truck” before delving straight into “Cherry Bomb”. The group has three members who speak English, so communication with fans didn’t prove to be a problem for them. We’re just a teeny weeny bit disappointed that they didn’t sing the English version of “Regular”. Could it be they only perform that in America? ?

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Concert Day 2


Momoland became famous because of their catchy tunes and cute dance moves, and they had those on full display when they opened Day 2 with “Bboom Bboom”. Coincidentally, it was also their third anniversary and the group expressed their gratitude for being able to perform in Singapore for their special day. The members also showed off their cute sides while interacting with fans and humorously, at the end of “Holiday”, JooE and Nancy adorably failed to coordinate their heart poses. Never mind lah, it’s the effort that counts.

Sonnet Son

As Sonnet performed, one fan kept screaming “Yaaas queen!” and I quietly agreed with her. If you’re not familiar with Sonnet, she is the winner of The Voice Korea and the moment she sang her first notes, it’s clear why she took the crown. The 26-year-old belted out rock versions of SHINee’s “Sherlock” and Ailee’s “U & I”, before changing up the mood with a heartstrings-tugging rendition of “Y Si Fuera Ella”, a solo track by the late SHINee’s Jonghyun. As the notes of the ballad and her powerful vocals reverberated through the venue, the wrist lights given to the audience lit up in SHINee’s official fanclub colour, pearl aqua, which made the cover more bittersweet than ever. While her covers were phenomenal, she shone even brighter while singing her original songs, “Solar Eclipse” and “I’m Not A Warrior”. She went on to wow the crowd with a cover of JJ Lin’s “Practice Love”, a song she promised to sing only in Singapore. Being a non-Chinese, I was impressed with her pronunciation but since it’s my duty to fact-check, I asked my Chinese concert companion how her pronunciation was: “It was not bad. There were a few words that were ‘off’ but it’s good for a Korean.” More brownie points for Sonnet for her effort!


Multinational girl group WJSN, or Cosmic Girls, comprises Korean and Chinese members, so naturally, they did their greetings in Korean and Mandarin. Bona’s attempt to speak Mandarin was impressive despite a tiny fumble at the end of her greeting. While speaking to the audience, Dayoung cutely confessed her love for kaya jam and said, “When I knew I was coming to Singapore, I wanted to buy kaya jam, so I woke up early this morning to buy it.” Such dedication! Despite not performing as a full group, the girls pulled off their performances of “Boogie Up”, “I Wish”, “La La Love” and “My Type”.

Stray Kids

This was Stray Kids’ first visit to Singapore, and they definitely made an impression. The boys showcased their signature sound through performances of “Hellevator”, “District 9” and “Side Effects”, proving their mettle through live singing and intense choreography. In fact, they were giving their 200% while dancing that I was quite scared that they might fall off the extended stage, given that the area wasn’t that wide. If you think that the boys are only capable of looking cool, think again. They showed off their cute sides during “Get Cool”, in which each member took one side of the stage and doled out fan service. Given their versatility and talent, it’s no wonder why they got one of the loudest screams that night.

Super Junior

Need someone to hype up the crowd? Count on Super Junior to do that for you. The veteran K-pop group proved that they’re still very much relevant despite having been in the industry for 14 years. Opening their set with their latest single, “Super Clap”, they got the audience of all ages singing along to the catchy tune. What followed was a mini Super Junior concert, during which they sang solo and unit songs (Yesung sang “Pink Magic” while D&E performed “Danger”) as well as a buffet of older songs (“Sorry Sorry”, “Miracle”) and newer ones (“Black Suit”, “Devil”). But, obviously, the highlight of the show was the members’ attempt at speaking English, with Shindong hilariously reading out from a script and Kyuhyun delivering humour in a language we understand. Meanwhile, Siwon delivered his ment with the aura of a politician giving a speech at a Parliament debate. Now we know why the Super Junior members are always joking about his “future career” in politics.

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Images: KAMP
Additional reporting: Zoe Zeng