Kate Middleton made her second public appearance since the official announcement of her pregnancy yesterday when she attended a charity event for kids at Paddington Station.

The Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise appearance alongside Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as the cast from Paddington 2 movie, including a life-sized Paddington Bear – or an actor in the costume.

Kate, who was dressed in a pastel pink dress and low-heeled pumps, was seen with a slight baby bump. The 35-year-old has been under the radar for a while as she is said to be battling a serious case of morning sickness with her third pregnancy.

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At the charity event, she was seen sporting a shorter hairstyle than the bra-length locks she was seen with at the World Mental Health Day event in Kensington Palace last week.

However, the highlight of the day (apart from making children happy), was Kate dancing with Paddington Bear.


According to reports, Duchess was seen dancing and twirling with the cute bear mascot before boarding a vintage train to speak to the children who are part of the Charities Forum event.

The event would take a group of children, chosen by the Charities Forum – a collection of charities founded by Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry – to explore the countryside.

Daily Mail Online quoted the actor in the Paddington Bear costume as saying, “She’s a right good mover, and I think she could win Strictly Come Dancing – if she was in it.”

Images: TPG/Click Photos