He may often play sly and cunning characters in the dramas he’s in, but South Korean actor Kim Min-seok is now regarded as a hero IRL.

Known for his supporting role in Descendants of the Sun, he has been praised for catching a suspect who was secretly filming a woman in a cafe.  

The 30-year-old told Korean media outlet DongA Ilbo that he was at a cafe in Gangnam, Seoul, on July 19 with his good friend and labelmate, Son Min-ho, when he noticed a man illegally filming a woman’s legs.    

He immediately alerted the authorities before confronting the man about his actions to prevent him from escaping. 

Once authorities arrived at the scene, they found that the man had also captured images and videos of other women on his phone. 

A source from Kim’s side has confirmed the details to the incident to Newsen, saying: “Kim Min-seok was inside a café during his final leave from the military and found someone illegally filming a woman’s body. He caught them and handed them over to the police.”

But Kim didn’t want to get all the credit for the good deed, saying that his friend had also helped in apprehending the hidden camera criminal.

He felt bad “because it seems like I’m the only one getting noticed for this. We just did what we had to do. I think anyone who saw that would have done the same thing. I’m a bit embarrassed that the story’s become known like this.”

After reading the reports, fans have been praising the actor’s heroism on Twitter. 

As of July 20, he has been officially discharged of his military duties. 

During his time in the army, Kim participated in a campaign alongside D.O. and Xiumin from the boyband EXO to end sexual exploitation on digital platforms.

Text: Joan Wong / AsiaOne / July 2020
Additional text: Sally Manik
Featured image: @samuliesword / Instagram