Kim Sohyun must be one of the luckiest actresses in Korea. At just 16, she has already acted with numerous actors, from Yeo Jingoo to EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo) and now, 2PM’s Taecyeon for Bring It On, Ghost.

She’s definitely not leading the life that a typical teenager experiences, but she reckoned that’s all right because she receives useful advice about life and career from her acting seniors and other adults in the society. She said during a group interview when she was in town to promote Bring It On, Ghost, “I don’t think there’s a bad thing [about not leading a typical teenager’s life]. I think the only difference lies in the nature of things that we do.”

Growing up in the limelight usually forces child actors to mature well before their peers, but Sohyun said it wasn’t a problem for her as her real personality leans on the matured side.

This could be why the roles she has acted in thus far sees her as demure and quiet, quite unlike her character, Hyunji, in Bring It On, Ghost.

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Sohyun reckoned Hyunji was similar to her real self, as they are both lively, cheerful and worry-free. The only difference? She’s not a big fan of ageyo (acting cute) unlike her character in the drama.

She is so enamoured with Hyunji that she wants to play more of such roles in future before she becomes an adult (in Korea, you’re considered an adult when you hit 19). She said, “I think that the role fits my age now, so I want to try out more of these roles before I come of age.”

In the drama, her character, Hyunji, is a ghost but prior to filming the series, Sohyun wasn’t one to believe in supernatural things. However, she revealed during the press conference that took place before the interview that while she didn’t see any ghosts on the set, the crew had some inexplicable encounters – one of them heard a female humming through the headphones while they were filming a silent scene.

She said during our interview, “I didn’t believe in supernatural things until I acted in the drama. But after acting in it, because of all the supernatural encounters the crew had, I started to believe in it a little.”

Watch the video to see her doing aegyo and revealing more about her real self.