When Kim Woobin and Lee Jongsuk acted in School 2013, they catapulted to fame for their model-like looks and stature.

Both actors are taller than 1.85m and had slender frames – they were like the real-life Korean version of Ken doll, if we may say so ourselves.

But it seems Kim Woobin has shed his slender appearance in favour of bulking up. We’re not talking about just toned arms, but muscles and all.

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At his recent fansign event for a clothing brand, the actor sported a new beefed-up appearance, especially in his upper body. In fact, we daresay, he reminds us a bit of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth now. Just how bulked up is he? Look at the photos below.



Kim Woo Bin at Merrel Fansign event

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Bulking up and shedding a pretty boy image is nothing new among Korean celebrities. In fact, a few idols have successfully made the transition, including Super Junior’s Donghae and SHINee’s Jonghyun.

While we need some time to get used to his new appearance (though we’re not complaining), this kid obviously loves Woobin, whether he’s slim or beefy.



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Image: TPG/Click Photos