Kimberley Chen took her dogs out for a walk, and while most of us would have opted for a tee-with-shorts combo, she decided to wear a bikini.

Her choice of clothing has unleashed both howls of protest and barks of approval from netizens, after she posted the photographs on Monday (Sept 9).

Kimberley, an Australian artist who is based in Taiwan, was frowned upon by those who said the colour of her clothing—beige—made it seem as though she was naked.

Some critics said a bikini did not suit the train-station surroundings.

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Other netizens, however, praised Kimberley, 25, for having a curvaceous body and the guts to express her individuality, even if she ran the risk of being called an attention-seeker.

But her supporters said that if Kimberley really wanted fame, she would not have left a Korean agency which allegedly made her take slimming pills to maintain a sexy image in the competitive music business.

Now, she is on track, her fans added, to call her own shots, with the video of her 2012 song “Love You” already breaching the 100 million mark for views.

As for us, all we can say is: your life, your rules.

Image: TPG/Click Photos
Text: Loh Keng Fatt / The Straits Times / September 2019