Since landing his first role in drama Prosecutor Princess, Korean actor Lee Jongsuk has attracted eyeballs for his acting and statuesque good looks. In just a few years, the 1.86-metre actor went on to score lead roles in notable dramas, such as Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio.

In his latest drama, W – Two Worlds, the 27-year-old acted as a fictional character, Kang Chul, who gets entangled in a web of love with the daughter of the comic artist who created him.


However, unlike Kang Chul who lives in the modern world, Jongsuk revealed he wants to live in the ancient world, if given a chance to design a world à la W – Two Worlds.

He said during a press conference for his fan meeting in Singapore, “I love reading books about the ancient times, so I will probably live with a lot of adventures set in an ancient period.”

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While Jongsuk’s next project is not a sageuk (period drama), we reckon it’ll fulfil the “adventurous” criteria he’s looking for. After all, he will be acting as an emotionless villain from North Korea. He mused about playing the bad guy for the first time: “It was good to be able to speak to the senior actors. It’s something new that I’m trying, so there’s a bit of fear, but I put in a lot of thought on how to make it great.”


During the press conference, Jongsuk also spoke about his close friendship with fellow actor Kim Woobin, whom he starred in School 2013 with. It seems even after a few years, they’ve remained the best of friends. He revealed that he regularly keeps in touch with Woobin and Yoon Kyunsang, his co-star in Pinocchio. He said, “I’m going to have a meal with Woobin next week after returning from Singapore.”

Image: Shin Min