Sometimes the media describes a couple as an “unlikely pairing” but we reckon no one wears this tag better than the latest rumoured couple, Korean actor Lee Minho and Taylor Swift.

Are they dating? That’s the question everyone is asking, and we honestly wonder why.

Apparently, that’s the rumour going around online in Korea right now. According to E-Daily, what started out as a Channel News Asia article putting out Minho’s name as one of the probable next boyfriends for Taylor Swift after Hiddleswift’s split somehow got contorted into rumours of Lee Minho dating Taylor Swift.

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Minho’s agency told E-Daily that it’s “ridiculous and shocking.” The official also added that the duo has never met in real life.

Well, at least we know Minho’s name won’t be written on a blank space.

Images: buzzfuss /, Lee Minho’s Instagram