If you’re a fan of Cheese In The Trap or have been following news of the drama, you might be aware of the hullabaloo of Park Haejin being dissatisfied with how the drama turned out.

Although he was casted as the male lead, a lot of his scenes were cut, and the story ended up deviating from the original storyline of the webtoon that the drama is based on. The actor has openly aired his discontent. He said, “I filmed a webtoon-adapted drama Cheese in the Trap, but I don’t know what I’m filming now,” alluding to the change in storyline. He added that the producer also had edited out scenes that he had filmed, and wanted to ask him why.

However, after the success of the drama, many speculated that there will be a drama spinoff. However, will Park Haejin still be acting in it after all that has happened?

He said during the recent press conference in Singapore, “It’s true that it has been reported that Cheese in the Trap will be made into a movie. But nothing is confirmed yet. If there’s going to be a movie and the original creator of the webtoon participates in it, I’m willing to act in the movie.”

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Cheese in the Trap was his first leading role in a drama after 10 years, and it catapulted him to newfound fame. He admitted that the road to stardom hasn’t been easy. “It would be a lie to say it wasn’t difficult, but when I think of all the love I receive, all the hardships I’ve been through is worth it,” he said.

He may be receiving a lot of love from fans all over the world, but his love life is currently going through a dry spell. He told a Chinese media outlet that he has been single for six years! When quizzed on whether he feels lonely, he said, “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t lonely, but I’ve been too busy lately to feel that way. I’ve been living with my mum and niece since five or six years ago, so it’s not as lonely. I think I will meet a good person someday.”

Hoping to be that lucky person? You can, if you fit his bill of ideal woman: “I don’t have a specific appearance that I like, but I like women who are familial. I’m not an extrovert, so I want someone who will stay at home with me and take care of our kids.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see his adorable photos from the press conference.

Text and images: Hidayah Idris